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Best of all, we come to you with our large supplier network in the comfort of your own home. No lost weekends, no running around, perfect for busy professionals - no wonder we're Loveland and Anderson Township's premier in-home decorating service. Ask how you can get your initial consultation for free!

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Meet Erika Lee

I have been decorating since I was 10 years old. I always had the urge to move furniture, squish paint and create with fabric. I have a measuring tape and level in my brain – weird, but I understand it now. While I was a single parent and drowning in the 9-5 office jobs I found the courage to start my own Decorating Den business on my 40th birthday. Now, 13 years later, I take my passion for decorating into YOUR home. Many of my clients turn into friends as decorating someone’s home is such a PERSONAL thing. I am lucky that this career feels more like play than a job… I wish everyone could feel so fortunate.

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Erika Lee
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