Q: Where are you located?

A: I provide services all across the Cincinnati, OH region.


Q: How does Decorating Den Interiors work?

A: At Decorating Den Interiors  whether it be furniture, draperies, blinds, shades, cornices, valances, rugs, lamps, art, accessories, flooring, wallcovering or bedding we offer a full selection of home decor products in good, better, best qualities.  We earn our income when product is purchased at wholesale and sold at retail to you, the consumer, just like the stores where you normally shop.  However, we come to you and select the product that best suit your needs, design, lighting, spacing, lifestyle and budget. This eliminates costly mistakes that many homeowners make on their own.

Q: How do you charge?

A:If you are not in need of product and only want design services, paint color consult, space planning, artwork hung, furniture positioned, staging your home for the real estate market, or design ideas in general my rate is $120 per hour.The industry standard in Cincinnati is $75-$300/hour. The great thing about my hourly consultation fee is you can apply 100% of that towards your purchase of our products the day of your consultation or apply 50% of the consultation fee towards your purchase in the following 30 days after your initial consult. There is no obligation to purchase anything.  I give you a simpler and more confident opportunity than doing it on your own. You are in the driver’s seat with it all!

Q: Do you only offer services for residential projects?

A:No, I also offer interior design services for small corporate office projects of all budgets.

Q: Will you work with my existing pieces/furnishings that are in the room? 

A: A fun option you may want to consider is Room Twirling. After our initial consultation you may find that you just need a fresh-look for the things you already have. That’s when I come in with a neutral opinion, a fresh eye and tons of creativity! Many of my clients call this an Afternoon of Play. For 4-5 hours and only $500 we focus on 1-2 rooms in your home, pull items from around your home and “twirl” them around in the new space. It is amazing to see the transformation occur and the excitement that happens with my clients. They are usually inspired and more confident to start looking at their homes differently and enjoy the newness of the old space.


I bring value to the table with my design training, color and design confidence, budget crunching skills, and outside the box creativity. Whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer or you need skilled workers to carry out the project to completion I am there to help with the overall picture. Many Designers may want to start with a clean slate but I find ways to incorporate what you do have and love into the overall plan. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and discuss your upcoming project!

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