Space Planning

Space Planning / Furniture Arrangement / Room Twirling Services

Decorate BEAUTIFULLY with Erika Lee!

“Room Twirling is so much fun! For small dollars, Erika will help you re-arrange your current furniture and accessories so it feels like you have a whole new room.” – Staci H.

Do you hate the layout of your bedroom? Are you unsure of what to do with an antique piece of furniture? Perhaps you have windows that make furniture placement a challenge. Decorating Den Interiors can help. A professional space plan can change the way your home functions. From furniture and area rugs to accessories and lighting, proper placement makes all the difference.

During your space planning consultation, you’ll spend time with an interior designer discussing the function of your room and how the flow can be improved. Simply re-arranging your existing treasures can create a completely new space. Other rooms may benefit from a new piece of furniture. Whatever the challenge, our interior designers can help breathe new life into your home.

The designers at Decorating Den have the creativity, confidence, and experience to create the space of your dreams.

Choose Space Planning/Room Twirling with Decorating Den for:

  • A massive selection of home decor options, right in the comfort of your home
  • A professional opinion from an interior designer who will fit your taste, your lifestyle, and your budget
  • The convenience! All of the logistics of your project, including placing orders and overseeing installation, are covered.

Contact Decorating Den Interiors today to schedule your in-home space planning/room twirling consultation. Ask how you can get your consultation for free! 


Decorating Den proudly offers its room twirling services to Cincinnati, Anderson, Clermont, Loveland, Legendary Run, Northern Kentucky and surrounding areas.