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Are you fascinated by the history, culture, and natural environment of the American “Wild West?” Then, the Southwest home design style may be for you. This style draws inspiration from three different cultures, including Indigenous Peoples, Spanish settlers, and American ranchers in the West. It combines the textures, colors, and fabrics these cultures are known for and highlights these elements in a contemporary way. If you want to bring the Southwest design style into your home Decorating Den Interiors can help. 

Elements of Southwest Design Style

Although Southwest design dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries, you can modernize the style by playing with a desert-inspired color palette and bulky furniture, and using woods, metal, and leather throughout your space. Learn more about some of the fundamental aspects of the Southwest design style and how you can achieve the look in your home.

Colors: The color palette in Southwest design mimics those seen in the American desert environment. While neutral, warm colors make up most of its earthy palette, you can accent the space with bright, vibrant colors like sky blue and yellow. Some of the most popular colors in this design style are brown, sand, mahogany, rust, bright red, terracotta, and cactus green. If you really want the colors of the desert to come to life and stand out in your space, leave your walls white.

Furnishings: When it comes to Southwest-inspired furniture, you will find it’s anything but subtle. Large, light-colored couches with plush upholstery are used to make a room feel inviting and are made more colorful with Aztec throw blankets and pillows. Wooden chairs, dressers, and tables accented with metal hardware bring a rustic feel to your space. Think plain plank tables, chairs with complex detailing, and woven baskets. 

Fabric: Since the Southwest design style emerged, leather has been a staple fabric choice. It is cooler to the touch than other available fabrics, making it an ideal choice for furniture and decor in a hot climate. Other commonly used fabrics include suede, loosely woven cotton, linen, and wool. When shopping for items in these fabrics, look for bright colors and geometric Aztec patterns. You may also want to layer your fabrics to bring more dimension and character to your space. Try placing two to three throw blankets over the back of a couch or stacking a couple of area rugs in the middle of a room. 

Lighting: In Southwest design, you’ll find dimmed lighting with a yellowish-orange hue. You can use incandescent light bulbs in hammered metal light fixture shades to achieve this look. When choosing light fixtures, look for metals with warm undertones like brass, bronze, and copper. Table lamps with ceramic, jug bases and leather lamp shades are also extremely popular in this style. 

Do you want to bring a bit of the “Wild West” into your home? Decorating Den Interiors can help you choose the colors, furnishings, fabric, and lighting that highlight the traditional style in a fun, modern way. 

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