Ginny’s Africa-Inspired Home

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Designer Credits: Erika Lee

Project Overview:

Ginny, a retired employee of the CDC and a passionate world traveler, quickly became friends with Erika after an internet search lead her to Erika’s site when she was looking for a decorator on her condo after returning to Cincinnati in 2014. Fast forward to 2020, when Ginny was looking to apply a professional touch to her new home, and she knew exactly who to call! Ginny was hoping to create a theme in the décor throughout her house that captured the natural and cultural beauty of the African continent, her favorite place to travel.

“The exciting thing about working with Ginny is that she encourages me to be creative and push the limits.” Says Erika. “The more I thought we were going “too far,” the more she loved the design!”

In addition to the over-arching theme incorporating elements of African-inspired design, Erika was able to dip into other portions of Ginny’s collection, which included oriental rugs and tapestries and items from her grandparents such as a rocker and dining room chairs. Some of these antique pieces were even given a modern touch, like a set of antique chairs that were updated with a fun touch of faux leathers. The end result is a home that is truly unique to Ginny!

Ginny’s Africa-Inspired Home